+ Why doesn’t my transaction history reflect ALL of my activity?

Some merchant’s do not immediately process all of their on-line transactions or purchase requests received over the phone, until the end of the day. Therefore, it may take up to 48 hours before your transaction is reflected in your history. In addition, it is a common practice for on-line merchants to charge your card only when the merchandise that your purchased shipped.

+ What are pending transactions?

When making a purchase, merchants submit authorization request to Pocket Teller. The authorization, if approved, reserves and ear marks those funds for the intended purchase. Depending upon the merchant, a subsequent transaction is processed that will “send” the money to the merchant. Pending transactions are transactions that have been authorized, but whose funds have not been transferred to the merchant.

+ Is there a maximum balance?

The maximum balance of your Pocket Teller account cannot exceed $8,000.00 at any time.

+ Who can get Pocket Teller?

Pocket Teller cards are distributed through employers and agencies that share Pocket Teller’s mission. Enrollment of individual account holders maybe facilitated by an employer or agency (who has partnered with Pocket Teller) or, in a select number of cases, potential cardholders will be directed to a web site that will collect and validate the data elements needed for enrollment. Regardless of who provides the information; future cardholders must indicate their desire to participate into the program, agree to the terms and conditions and be legally able to obtain an account. The data elements collected during enrollment include -- First Name * Last Name * Birthday * Social Security Number * Address * e-mail address * mobile phone number. No minimum balance requirements and no credit checks, of any kind will occur as a pre-requisite to the opening of a Pocket Teller account.

+ How do I download the Pocket Teller’s mobile application?

The application can be downloaded for free from your Apple or Android application store. Please be aware that information exchanged, has a result of your usage of the Pocket Teller mobile application, are subject to “normal” data fees charged by your mobile provider

+ How do I change my password/PIN/Secret Question?

You can manage your password, maintain your secret question, and update your PIN; from Pocket Teller’s web site. These actions are accessible from the “Additional Services” menu.

+ Are there any overdraft fees?

There are no overdraft fees.

+ What info is needed to open an account?

To open a Pocket Teller account, Pocket Teller must be provided with your: first Name, last Name, date of birth, Social Security Number, mailing Address, mobile phone number, and e-mail address. Once the information is received it is validated for format, content and appropriateness before an account is established.

+ What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Immediately contact Pocket Teller’s Customer Service at 1-855-558-0045 to report your card as lost or stolen and request a replacement card. Your Pocket Teller Pre-paid Debit Card comes with Zero Liability protection, at no extra cost, so you won’t be held liable for any unauthorized transactions, as long as the unauthorized transactions are reported promptly.

+ Why is there a hold on my money?

In certain cases, a merchant may not be aware of the total amount of a transaction until the purchase is completed. For these merchants (e.g. gas stations, hotels and car rental agencies) it is not uncommon for them to process a pre-authorization request. The pre-authorization will check to insure that sufficient funds are available on your card; and place a hold on those funds to insure monies exist to cover the expected final purchase. The hold on these funds is released upon completion of the transaction or the merchant releases the hold or the pre-authorization expires. For example, when you purchase gas, at an automated fuel dispenser (aka the pump) the process requires that you swipe your card. This swipe initiates a pre-authorization request (generally for $ 75.00) before allowing you to pump gas into your car. Once you finished filling your gas tank, and the actual amount of the purchase is known, a final transaction is process. That final transaction will release the initial preauthorization hold and then process a subsequent transaction for the actual amount. However, depending upon the merchant, the pre-authorization hold may not be released, for up to 3 days. One way to avoid this problem (in this example) is to pre-pay for your gasoline purchase, inside the station, and dictate the exact amount will you are authorizing.

+ What can I buy with my Pocket Teller card?

With your Pocket Teller card, you can make purchases at stores, over the phone and online. You can use your Pocket Teller card anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Your Pocket Teller card can be used at ATMs, worldwide, that process transactions on Visa, Star or Plus networks. To avoid ATM surcharge fees, your Pocket Teller card has been associated with the AllPoint ATM network, transactions that occur at AllPoint ATMs are void of “out of network ATM fees”. Finally, your Pocket Teller card has a fully functioning Bill Pay service available to Pocket Teller cardholders.

+ How do I cancel a primary or sub-account?

Should you wish to cancel/close your Pocket Teller account, contact Pocket Teller’s customer service at 1-855-558-0045 or send your request in writing to Pocket Teller at 7119 E 1st Ave Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Upon receipt of your request, Pocket Teller will close your account; and a check for the balance of your account (less applicable fee) will be mailed to you within 10 business days. .

+ How can I view activity that is transpired on my account?

Activities (purchases, funds being deposited to your account, fee assessment) are available from the Pocket Teller’s mobile application AND through the Pocket Teller web site. Additionally, your most recent activity is available from the automated customer service facility. Finally, you can request a printed monthly statement be created and sent to you through the mail. However, there is a paper statement fee that will be debited to your account before the statement will be produced and your statement will be sent to you via the mail.

+ How do I check my balance or transaction history?

Check your balance and transaction history using the Pocket Teller mobile application. In addition, this information is available through our automated customer service utility.

+ How does photo check deposit work?

Pocket Teller has partnered with Ingo Money to allow you to deposit checks directly to your Pocket Teller account. To use the Ingo Money service you will need to download the Ingo application, accept their terms and conditions, and register your Pocket Teller card within their application. Once the application has been established on your mobile device; and associated with your Pocket Teller card, you will launch the Ingo application from your Pocket Teller smart phone application. Using the Ingo’s application and the camera on your mobile device, you can request Ingo money to approve a personal/two-party check and deposit the proceeds directly to your Pocket Teller card. If Ingo Money approves the check, the funds will be deposited to your account and available for use within minutes. Fees to utilize this service are taken from the proceeds, before the funds are deposited. The amount of the fee varies, depending upon the type of check and how quickly you need access to those funds.

+ Can I schedule bill pay reminders?

Yes, use the Pocket Teller Bill Pay service, available from Pocket Teller’s mobile application. This service allows you to pre-establish companies and individuals that you wish to “pay” on a periodic basis. Additionally, within this service you can “schedule future” payments to those entities.

+ How long does it take for a bill payment to reach the recipient?

Upon a payment being released to the Bill Pay Service, the recipient will receive their funds within 4 to 7 business days.

+ Can sub-accounts pay bills?

Yes, a supplemental account can be granted access to Pocket Teller’s Bill Pay Service.

+ Can I set up a sub-account?

Yes, you can establish, up to four sub-accounts under the primary account. Please be aware that sub-account recipient’s cards have the same access to the funds that the primary cardholder has access to.

+ What ATMs can I use?

You can use your Pocket Teller pre-paid debit card at any ATM that supports Visa, Star or Plus networks. Funds accessed at any of AllPoint’s 55,000 ATMs are eligible to avoid “ATM” usage fees (currency conversion fees maybe applicable). When using a NON AllPoint ATM, an out of network ATM fee (please see fee schedule) plus applicable currency conversion fees – will be assessed.

+ Is there a limit on ATM withdrawals?

There is a $400 per transaction and daily cash withdrawal limit associated with your Pocket Teller card

+ Do I need the Pocket Teller app?

No, using the Pocket Teller application is voluntary. However, the application allows you to: maintain your account day or night, use a minimum number of keystrokes to obtain the balance of your account and view your transaction history. In addition, Pocket Teller’s mobile application is the primary means through which Pocket Tips will be disseminated. Finally, Pocket Teller’s mobile application is a pre-requisite for using the Ingo Money application, to deposit the proceeds of checks directly to your Pocket Teller card.

+ Is it safe?

Your Pocket Teller card is afforded the same protection, against unauthorized purchases available to credit card holders. In addition the balance of your account is insured against loss or insolvency of the financial institution by the FDIC for accounts whose balance are within the FDIC limits.

+ How do I deposit money onto my card?

Pocket Teller supports several methods to add funds to your account. Methods supported include – • Direct Deposit of your payroll or government issued benefit check. • Load cash directly on your account at any Visa ReadyLink location. • Utilize Ingo Money application/service to process and load the proceeds of a physical check that is made payable to you. • Card-to-card transfer of funds from another Pocket Teller account to your Pocket Teller account. • Utilize the banking network that supports “ACH” (automated clearing house) process to push funds from the sending party’s checking or savings account to your Pocket Teller account.

+ How long does it take to access my money?

Funds are available immediately upon receipt of the funds at Pocket Teller. Please be aware that Ingo Money will release funds, upon acceptance of the check by Ingo Money, and the time that is associated with the fee option chosen.

+ Can I send money to family or friends?

You can transfer funds from your Pocket Teller account to any other Pocket Teller accounts. However, please be aware that to guard against fraudulent activities, and to insure compliance with applicable laws governing the movement of monies between parties, limits and velocity controls have been established. All fund transferred are subject to these limitations.

+ How do I pay my bills?

The Pocket Teller solution includes a Bill Pay service. Pocket Teller’s Bill Pay service is the fast and convenient way to stay on top of your finances. Bill Pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing paper checks. Pocket Teller’s Bill Pay Service allows you to pay your bills online in only minutes. You can use Pocket Teller’s Bill Pay Service to pay anyone you’d normally pay by check or money order – any company or individual in the US. Pocket Teller’s Bill Pay Service allows you to schedule one-time or recurring payments.

+ Are there any ATM fees?

Your Pocket Teller account is associated with the largest surcharge free ATM network (AllPoint) in the US; with more than 55,000 ATMs. You can use your Pocket Teller card at any ATM that has connectivity to the Visa, Star, and Plus ATM networks. Transactions occurring at “AllPoint” ATM networks are not subject to “out of network” ATM fees (see the fee table associated with your program for applicable fees and any limitations associated with your card’s utilizing the AllPoint network).

Finally, ATM transactions that require a currency conversion are subject to a currency conversion fee.

+ Can I shop online?

Yes, your Pocket Teller card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted for payment.

+ What are Pocket Tips?

Brief notifications designed to give you practical guidance that could help you save money. Notifications are triggered as a result of real world activities and behavior observed on your account. Pocket Tips have been established with appropriate velocity controls to avoid overwhelm you with messages. For example: Filling up? Gas prices may be going down, but paying at the pump can limit access to some of your funds,. When you pay at the pump certain gas station may hold up to $75 from the funds available on your card, for up to 3 days. Pre-pay for your purchase inside the station and authorize only purchase amount acceptable to you. This exact payment amount; will be the only amount that is “held” until the merchant receives his/her funds.

+ Is there a minimum balance?

There is no minimum balance requirements associated with your Pocket Teller account. However, accounts that maintain a zero balance for more than 90 days will be closed and you will require assistance to re-establish your account.

+ Is passing a credit check required before I can open a Pocket Teller Account?

No, establishing a Pocket Teller account will not result in a credit check being requested or performed. To establish your Pocket Teller account we need only a limited amount of information, including your: * First Name * Last Name * Date of Birth * Social Security Number * Mailing Address, Mobile Number, E-mail Address. Information provided will be validated for content and format and has long has we can establish your identify, your account will be created.

+ How do I get a Pocket Teller Card?

At this point in time, Pocket Teller cards are marketed through employers and other entities that partner with Pocket Teller. Work with one of our partners, to complete your enrollment in Pocket Teller. During this process Pocket Teller will need to be provided with your: First Name * Last Name * Date of Birth * Social Security Number * Mailing Address Mobile Number, and E-mail Address. The information will be validated for format and content, and you will be notified once the account is established. Once, you receive your Pocket Teller card, proceed to download the Pocket Teller application from your Iphone or Android application store.

+ Where can I use the card?

You can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide.

Visa ReadyLink is a convenient service that provides cardholders with a simple and cost-effective way to add funds to their eligible and participating Pocket Teller Payroll card. Essentially, it makes the card even more useful by letting the cardholder load cash onto their Pocket Teller account.