Max Cohen

Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO

Max is a conscientious social entrepreneur who, for two decades, has founded and built successful businesses in tech and financial services. Well-known as an industry leader, expert and innovator, he is uniquely focused on developing new technologies that enable underserved populations to access web-based and mobile financial services. Max is a two-time nominee for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an active member of both the New York Stock Exchange’s Governance Services and the Young President’s Organization. His companies are based on traditional business principles, yet always serve to have a positive social impact. And his dedication to giving back can be seen in his involvement and support to children’s organizations and charitable causes around the world. 

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Gary Bender

Chief Strategy & IP Officer

Gary is the former Head of Intellectual Property, Product Strategy and Relationship Management at Visa, Inc. He built and managed the global Visa IP program where he was responsible for evaluating all new payment technologies and platforms. Gary has spent his entire career working with small and large businesses to capture and develop new technologies across nearly all technology and industry segments, more recently focusing on payments and financial services. Gary is also the former Managing Director of Ocean Tomo, the Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc firm that provides companies with financial services related to international property and intangible assets.

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Eric Tamke

VP Product Deployment & Management and Chief Compliance Officer

Eric has been deploying critical infrastructure and applications since 1995 when he started working in the field of what were then the emerging technologies of Ethernet and Internet Protocol. Since that time, he has been involved in a number of firsts with systems deployed in financial services at Visa, Inc., telecommunications worldwide, and secure wireless technologies in the US DoD (Department of Defense). He also remains actively engaged in cyber-security and the evolving field of the Internet of Things.

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Chee Chu

VP Finance & Corporate Controller

Chee is a senior leader with 20 years experience in finance, IT investment and venture capital. His extensive and diversified career ranges from startup companies in enterprise software, venture capital, to large scale payment industry at Visa, Inc. For more than a decade at Visa, he helped manage the 9 figure IT capital budget that contributed to the success of VisaNet® today.

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