Pocket Teller is Here To Help

Why Pocket Teller?

Over 68 million hard working American adults and legal residents with economic, social, or physical disadvantages are excluded from traditional banking services. They typically have no other options but to spend an average of 10% of their income on costly “alternative” financial products just to access and use their own money. We think they deserve better choices, and we are here to help.

Our Solution

We empower our customers to access, manage, save and share their own money easily, affordably and safely. Our Pocket Teller card and mobile app delivers a complete financial solution at their fingertips. Pocket Tips™ help educate and guide our customers to smarter financial decisions, and our One Fee™ pricing model is clear, simple, and fair.

Our Partners

We are working directly with employers, associations, organizations and governments to deliver our unique solutions to the people who need them the most. Programs such as Swipe For Success™ and Card with a Cause™ are delivered in cooperation with groups that have a mandate to alleviate poverty and serve those that will benefit most from the new choices Pocket Teller offers. Click here to learn more about our team.

Our Customers

Millions of Americans are excluded from mainstream financial services due economic, social or physical limitations. They make the best choices available to them, but those choices are costly and extremely limited.

Economic Limitations

There are millions of hard working American adults and legal residents that range from very low hourly wage earners to middle income salaried employees. Due to credit worthiness, financial history or other economic hardships these individuals do not qualify for or cannot afford a traditional bank account. They and are forced to pay high fees to simply access and use their own money. On average 75% of these individuals are paid by paper check.


Millions of people are excluded simply due to social or cultural differences. Their language and current social circumstances exclude them from access to affordable, easy to access and safe financial services and education. Many are eligible to receive financial assistance from government and social assistance programs but are unable to receive the benefits offered without access to the traditional banking system.


People with physical disabilities have difficulty accessing and using many mainstream financial services. Pocket Teller is committed to help these people with strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. For instance, programs to benefit employed Autistic individuals by integrating him or her into a typical life, by allowing the families and therapists of these individuals to monitor and restrict usage to certain vendors like grocery stores, gas stations, etc.